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Become a Member

ACF Chefs of Northwest Indiana was founded in 1996 by a group of local culinarians interested in raising the standards and recognition of area culinary professionals. Our chapter adheres to the national ACF organization’s rules and regulations. An ACF chapter membership confers a special status on those who hold it. Membership opens a pathway to join the rapidly expanding world of professional culinarians, and opportunities for competition, professional recognition and access to educational forums with fellow culinarians.

Being a part of the ACF adds up to more opportunity for you and your career development.

What are the Benefits of ACF Membership?

Become A Member
  • Largest and most prestigious chefs' organization in America
  • 75 years of leadership in the professional food service industry
  • Professional networking at local, regional, national, and international levels
  • Monthly, national, cutting-edge publication; The National Culinary Review, (NCR)
  • Monthly national ACF newsletter Center of the Plate included inside the NCR
  • Opportunity to attend regional conferences and national conventions
  • National, regional, and local seminars, workshops, and symposiums
  • Earned Professional Chef/Pastry Chef or Culinarian/ Pastry Culinarian Certifications
  • Internet Career Center on the ACF web site, a service for members to post their resumes, review resumes for new employees, or look for a new job
  • Affinity and Partnership programs bringing products, services, and deals to members
  • Vendor Resource Guide, a virtual trade show on the ACF web site
  • Local, national, and international culinary competitions
  • Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (aka 'International Culinary Olympics') held every four years in Germany
  • Automatic membership in the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS)
  • National and local awards and honors
  • American Academy of Chefs - ACF Honor Society
  • Voice of helping to feed hungry children - ACF Chef & Child Foundation
  • High School Accreditation - ACF Secondary Certification
  • Programmatic Accreditation for colleges and universities
  • Subsidized Chef - TRAC Program; chapter certification courses
  • Member Services Center with centralized Member Call Center via a toll free number
  • Educational Grants for professional chef members
  • Complimentary Term Life Insurance Program
  • Horizons 2000 Video Lending Library
  • Discounted Alamo Rental Car Rates
  • Apprenticeship Programs

The true impact of ACF membership comes from your participation with the local chapter. Meetings and events can be your springboard to new professional horizons!


Annual Membership Dues

Membership categories are designed to follow your professional culinary career. Choose the designation that best describes you.

Professional Culinarian/$225.00
A Culinarian with a minimum of three years full-time employment in the culinary profession.

A Culinarian is an individual not involved in the management or supervision of staff, with a minimum of 6 months full time employment. A Culinarian should be pursuing on-the-job training and experience necessary to advance to the membership level of Professional Culinarian. A culinarian membership is subject to a limit of five years.

Student Culinarian/$90.00
A Student Culinarian is a student or apprentice with less than two years full-time employment, a student enrolled in an accredited postsecondary culinary education program, or a registered apprentice as defined by the ACF apprenticeship training program. A student membership is subject to a limit of four years.

Junior Culinarian/$75.00
A Junior Culinarian is a high-school student between 16 and 18 years of age who is enrolled in a vocational program.

An Associate Member is a representative of a group, company or corporation providing products or services to the culinary profession.

An Allied Member is an individual employed in a field related to the culinary profession (such as dietitians, nutritionists, and restaurant managers or owners).

Culinary Enthusiast/$150.00
A Culinary Enthusiast Member is an individual that is not employed in a culinary field, but has a passion for the culinary arts. Individuals who enjoy cooking, baking, dining at independent restaurants, or who may have their favorite chef on speed dial should join as an Enthusiast.

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